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We’re not your typical gutter cleaning company. If you’re like most people who have had their gutters cleaned before, you probably hired someone on Craigslist or chose a lawn care company. The Craigslist guy probably wasn’t insured or had the right equipment to do the job right. The lawn care company might have been ok but they just send their lawn mowing guys up on the roof during the slow season; they’re not truly gutter cleaning professionals.


5.0 Rating

5.0 Rating

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We’ll clean out your gutters and downspouts so water flows freely and we’ll use air to test them afterwards. Our technicians use buckets when necessary to avoid making a mess with blowers. Whenever possible we’ll blow off your roof.

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If your gutters have screens on them we will clean them out and inspect their condition. Sometimes this will result in an upcharge but this is addressed in the quote we’ll send you for approval.

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If you see any issues with your gutters within 30 days, call us for a follow-up visit. We want you to be 100% satisfied!

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Our technicians are professional, friendly and they know what they’re doing. They’ll inspect your gutter system for leaks, cracks, damages, and disconnected gutters. We have every tool to reach every gutter – even the crazy high ones. Sometimes other companies will literally blow the leaves into the downspouts which makes them even more clogged! We guarantee your gutters will flow properly after we’re finished.

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Gutter Cleaning in Charlottesville VA

Big fan of the gutter pros gutter cleaning…they inspected and cleaned my gutters and then made repairs as necessary. They explained the process and kept me in the loop throughout. Highly recommend!

Kevin McDonald

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Gutter Cleaning in Charlottesville

By far the most professional and responsive of this service type. Will use gutter pros gutter cleaning next time, and will happily and heartily recommend them to anyone looking for gutter cleaning services!

John Kalagher

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Gutter Cleaning Charlottesville VA

The guys were great! Very professional, on time and within my budget. They also cleaned up after themselves. I definitely recommend Gutter Pros Gutter Cleaning and we’ll be using them again.

Nancy Hopkins


Got Some Questions? We got you covered.

No, if it’s a routine visit our technicians will call you to notify you of things they discovered with your gutters or make recommendations. If you’re home they will knock on your door and say hi. One perk of being home is we can show you photos in person.

No, we don’t believe it’s necessary to rinse or “flush” your gutters with water because it’s extra work and we don’t think it’s worth paying extra for! We use air to test the downspouts and that works most of the time. Occasionally we’ll have to use a hose to clean the gutters but it’s rare.

Yes! And everything is automatic so when you approve the quote you’ll pay a 50% deposit and store your card on file. When we’re finished you’ll be automatically charged the remaining balance and then receive a receipt via email. Super easy and super simple!

We used to but because of the high volume of clients we serve it’s no longer practical. It could take us several hours a day to upload and send to each client. But upon special request we can! One perk of being home is we can show you photos in person.

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